Dog Diarrhea Remedy

Dog Diarrhea Remedy

Dog Diarrhea Remedy

You wake up to your poor little pooch whimpering. You''re wondering what''s wrong so you head downstairs to see how the little guy is doing. He''s normally not like this in the mornings. Maybe he''s hurt himself somehow.

You get downstairs and see devastation.

We are in serious need of a dog diarrhea remedy.

The look on his face tells you that he''s really sorry about the mess that he''s made. And he''s looking at you giving you his "please help me" face. So it''s up to you to find a way to fix his guts and quickly before he has a chance to continue any more of this destruction.

First things first. Let him out into the yard because he''s probably got a whole lot more from where that came from. Try not to get too mad with him. We all get upset stomachs from time to time.

Now you need to take him off solid foods for the next 12 hours or so. Let his guts settle down because anything you feed him right now is going to shoot straight through just like that last lot of food he ate.

Make sure that he is hydrated though. His food is going through him way too fast so he''s not absorbing enough fluid into his body. Make sure he has plenty of clean, fresh water. Also give him a herbal supplement that''s going to calm his troubled guts and firm up his stools.

After those initial 12 hours have passed, start to feed him small portions of very bland food. He''ll probably be real hungry by now, but take it slowly. Give him some more bland small portions over the next 12 - 24 hours and slowly try him out on his normal food.

Right about now he should start to be giving you that "you''re the best, thanks for looking out for me" face again.

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