THF Diet Info

THF Diet Info

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Here are shown some common facts about the THF Diet.

Why is everybody talking about the THF Diet?

Because it works! The THF Diet is based on a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) and HCG. The THF Diet has proven to be the fastest, safest method of weight loss available on the market!

What is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced during pregnancy. One of its functions is to ensure the growing fetus receives enough nutrients to grow and develop normally. It does this by making the abnormal fat stored in the mother’s body available for use. The mother’s body is then able to use this fat for nutrients and energy despite her intake.

Dr. ATW Simeons discovered in the 1950’s that small doses of HCG given to overweight individuals (men and women) decreased their appetite, and made them loose inches specifically around their hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. The HCG Drops has been used since then for weight loss in obese persons as well as those who just want to shed a few unhealthy and unwanted pounds.

How does it work?

When HCG is taken, the body is able to tap into its stored fat and utilize it to create usable calories. When combined with a low calorie diet, the person is subsisting more on their stored fat than on what they are eating. They are burning 3500-4000 calories of stored fat daily which amounts to losing 1-2 pounds (0,5-1 kg) every day!

While on THF Diet, appetite is suppressed and most people feel as if they are stuffing themselves on 500 calories a day.

Warning: Trying this very low calorie diet without the HCG drops would lead to trouble within 2-3 days. Side effects of starving yourself include insomnia, lethargy, headaches, loss of mental clarity, severe fatigue, and on and on. It is not recommendable at all.

“While on the THF Diet, most people report an increase in energy and vitality, lack of hunger and they sleep better.”

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Here follows some more information about the HCG based diet:

Is HCG A “Yo-Yo Diet?” Won’t I Just Gain The Weight Right Back Again?

No! After the 26-40 day cycle, the hypothalamus has “reset” itself, resulting in a physiological change that encourages maintenance of the new body weight1.

Should I Work Out While On The HCG Diet?

No. It is recommended that you do not workout during the HCG diet.

How Long Should I Stay On It?

Research suggests doing the diet in 26-40 day “cycles.” Dieters who need to lose more weight should return to a normal routine for a few weeks, then do another cycle, until all the excess weight is lost.

Is The HCG Diet Safe?

HCG is safe. It has been tested and proven for over 60 years, starting with Dr. Simeons famous weight loss clinic in Rome. Thousands of people have completed the protocol, many under their doctors supervision, and many physicians report a 98% success rate!

Don’t I Need A Prescription For HCG?

Not anymore! HCG used to be delivered only by doctors, and through daily injections. HCG Drops are oral, and are of the highest possible potency!

Are There Any Side Effects?

No. There are no side effects. A very small amount of people report mild headaches or dizziness during the first few days while the body is adjusting. It is recommended that you increase your water consumption during the diet, this helps eliminate the potential for headaches.

Will HCG Interfere With Birth Control?

There is no evidence of HCG interfering with any birth control method.

Can I Use HCG While I Am Breastfeeding?

Although HCG is a natural hormone, we advise you to consult with your doctor before taking HCG while breastfeeding.

What If I Have Diabetes?

Many diabetics have experienced health improvements from the HCG diet. Dr. Daniel Koontz, MD, of the “Healthy Habits Radio Show” claims to have stabilized over 50,000 diabetics with the HCG diet since 1972! But as always, consult with your doctor if you have concerns.

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