Ways to Lower Your Out of Pocket Expenses

Ways to Lower Your Out of Pocket Expenses

Use a Minute Clinic

Minute Clinics are a great way to save money. Licensed providers can diagnose and recommend treatment for minor illnesses such as sore throats and ear infections. Care is provided to children and adults older than 18 months. Many of the treatments cost less than $49 and all locations accept most forms of Health Insurance. Offices are open during evenings and weekends and no appointment is necessary.
Customer Service Number: 866-389-2727
Or email a question to : customercare@minuteclinic.com

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Pill Splitting

You can save money when you split higher strength pills into your prescribed dose. Instead of 30 lower strength tablets, you receive 30 tablets with twice the strength to last for 60 doses -- all for one copay. You are able to reduce your drug costs because the cost per pill for higher strength is about the same as they are for lower strength pills.
Qualifying drugs include:
Lipitor Zocor Celexa Serzone
Zoloft Lexapro Paxil

Half Tablet Advantage Program Service Number:

Fitness Discounts

Join a health club that provides a $20.00 discount on club monthly premiums. All you need to do is show your medical ID card to be enrolled in the program. You will be required to use the health club a minimum number of times monthly in order to receive the $20.00 credit. Check with your health care provider or health club to determine the minimum number of monthly visits.

Cash Discounts

If you are currently on an HSA plan and are willing to pay cash for your services, you may be eligible for a discount when paying cash.

Average Cost of Care:

Minute Clinic: $49
Doctor’s Office: $153
Urgent Care Center: $215
Emergency Room: $1,049
Chest X-Ray: $183
MRI: $1,915

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25 most common outpatient procedures and
hospital quality at:

Contact Information

Blue Cross Blue Shield: listed on the back of your ID card
Health Partners: 952-883-5000
Medica: 952-945-8000
Preferred One: listed on the back of your ID card

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