Check frequently asked questions about Baby Health

Check frequently asked questions about Baby Health

I''m very worried for the health of my baby. I went into labour last night, but due to major issues was not sure if it was to early. Thankfully the doc was able to cease it, but was wondering if anyone had ever heard of a story like mine before? On Dec.3/07 I took a positive pregnancy test, to confirm that we were expecting ( concieved about the 10th-12th of November) On Dec. 6 I was hospitalized due to bleeding, and was told I was probably miscarrying. In the three weeks leading up to christmas my HCG levels dropped, but never bottomed out, and on Dec. 24 I had an U/S that they found what was believed to be a cyst in my uterus, but no baby. I was booked for surgery but did not feel comfortable with the doctor so I saught a second opinion in early february, and was told I was once again, preggers. (WOOHOO) I was booked for an ultrasound, and it was confirmed, but they found NO CYST, only one healthy baby, who they dated at about 9 weeks gestation. cont''d in additional info So my new due date was Sept 18, a difference of 30 days. I have read up on Vanishing Twin Syndrome, and think this may be what happened, it would also make sense that I would be in labor now, as I would have been 38 weeks instead of 32.5 that they currently have me placed at. Forgot one thing, to be due the week they think I am I would have had to concieve while stilll bleeding from, the "misscarriage", and we didnt receive up to any hanky panky on strict orders from doc.

Before baby it was very minor, only a problem when my nerves realy got bed, like when I left my ex. But very managable. During pregnancy every symptom disapeared. 2 months after baby...Everything got much worse. Symptoms: stomach aches, diarrea, abdominal cramps, loss of appetite for long periods of time, fatigue, icy sweats, severe nausea. Usually caused by nerves, but sometimes I receive that neryous feeling in my tummy for no reason at every! I take pepto from every day to every 3 days. This is ruining my life and keeping me from enjoying time with my son. It has never been this bad, I confront my bf''s ex for the first time so he could look his other kid and got so nervous I thought I was gonna pass out, very pale and icy sweats, we had to leave because of it. I didnt even talk to her! 1 year ago none of this would have been a problem. What is wrong with me? What can I do? I cant afford to look a doctor, last time they told me nothing was wrong!!!!!

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I had a baby a month ago, and I also have a 5 year old that keeps me busy aswell. I live with my partner''s mom. I''m having mom in law problem when my boyfriend''s mom trys to mom my child - 5 year old. She tell him "go receive ready for bed" "no liquids after 7pm cause he pees the bed" and such things like that. It''s bothering me, also I had a public health nurse arrive in to look me few days after having the baby -she wont go away.. I needed my privatcy & talk with the Nurse... What should I do? talk to my boyfriend about this? talk to the mom? my boyfriend is the kinda guy that wont even bother listening me. Im sorta mad at my boyfriend also, because I be up every night breastfeeding, when I pump I wash the bottles and sterlize, cook dinner, take the 5 year old to school, look after a baby and the day dosent end. He never helps me!!!!! I feel so alone =(

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Resolved Question: child "sex abuse"?

I ask this in marriage in divorce. I''ll ask here to. My dauther is 10. Her dad passed away she was 5. She had a mental breakdown. She is bi-polar ADHD. She was is still in mental health treatment. I have been re married 3 years i was a 19 month old with my hubby. My daughter disclosed to a pal he was touching her and did oral sex on her. IT WAS SENT TO CHILDRENS SERVICES. She had a taped interview with a abuse expert. Me and my mom and her talk to a police detective. My hubby was kicked out of the home during the investagation. Now the case is closed i was told there was NO + evidence to go on. I was also told i may never know "the CPS worker told me that". My daughter has been shaken by the marriage and the baby and the loss of her Dad. I WANT THE TRUTH or advice on how i can KNOW. my hubby is a respected man worked at a elementry school 9 years no record at every. YES I STILL THINK IT''S POSSIBLE it could be true. I also have his son i need to not make quick choices. I''m lost. I don''t fully belive him or her. I don''t want to split my son from a bad that could be innocent. I don''t won''t my daughter with a abuser. I don''t know what happend and the professionals DON''T HAVE THE ANSWER either. Everday it breaks my heart. I only receive quick judements from family. My family and his tend to think it''s untrue. In my heart i can''t relax till I KNOW. This is the most stressful situation i''ve even been in. I don''t like comments that are degrauding to me. I am trying i''m hoping to do the best thats difficult when you don''t know the best is.

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I''ve asked this question before but now my health visitor has stuck beak in and it''s got me worried. My son is 12 weeks old and weighs 19lb 3oz...his previous weekly weights were 18lb 8oz, 17lb 7oz, 16lb 6oz, 15lb 8oz....and has been like this since birth...he weighed 7lb 15oz born, was exclusively breastfed for 3 weeks and now combination fed with aptimal easy digest (previously used cow and gate comfort as heard it was higher in calories) and I breastfeed twice a day...he has 6-7oz every 3-5hrs. His dad is 6ft 4ins and I gained weight quickly as a baby. Does anybody know if this is normal??? BTW, my health visitor accused me of giving him food other than milk and putting rice/cereal in his bottle! I know this is dangerous, and why and I wouldn''t do it to my baby! I feel like I can''t do anything right! cow and gate comfort is just another brand of formula especially for windy or colicky babies.

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Resolved Question: My ex boyfriend hit me while I was pregnant with his child!?

His new girlfriend Christa and me starting arguing because she kept saying that I wasn''t anything but some skanky hoe who can''t even keep a man and that''s why she got mine cause my ex Simon doesn''t want me or my bastard baby and I told her I didn''t want Simon and she could keep him. Then I said the only reason he''s with you is because you give it up quick and easy. Then she slapped me then me and her started fighhting so then Simon came out of nowhere and pulled me off her then he pushed me difficult on the ground and told me that if he ever look''s me touching his girl again he''ll kick my ass. Then they left. Afterwards my stomach starting hurting and I started thinking something was wrong with the baby. Could the baby be hurt. I don''t want to go to a hospital cause I don''t have health insurance in case somethings wrong.

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Open Question: What are reasons that Child Pertective Servies could take your child, I am worried for my sisters baby health?

My sister has a 5 month old baby boy. She leaves him with random people, mainly guys to go party and receive drunk. She doesn''t work and muches of people to receive by. She takes advantage of the government for food stamps b/c she refuses to work. Can CPS take her baby? There is a possiblity of drug abuse that she is doing and others she brings around her tiny child.

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Open Question: Taking a class to be a Personal Trainer, how much will I make?

I am taking a class at Trident Tech it is a 6 week class going to cost me 1500$ dollars. This is what it says This challenging course is taught over a five week period. The national exam is the sixth week. Fifteen hours of hands-on practical training at nearby Pivotal Fitness middle prepares you to actually work with clients one-on-one. Lectures at TTC''s Main Campus include anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and health screening. Proof of CPR and a 20-hour internship prepare you to work successfully in the fitness field. They also say that I can start at making 25$ an hour.. is this true? I just had a baby a year ago but I am in good shape

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Hi, I''m a second year student and our class is writing baby thesis. Anyway, could you please give me some names and uses of surgical equipment, or any medical gadgets? Just about anything which helps prolong lives and/or helps about our daily health. Anyone there, please I''m begging you, help me!!! I really just need it. Thanks a million!!

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Resolved Question: Help, my life sucks. I''m 56 trying to please everyone and pleasing no one . I want out! NOW! Just shoot me.

Husband works 24/7, we have not time for each other. I''m partially disabled and unable to work. Would like to work at home cause we''re in debt up to our yin/yang. 20 year old son lives at home & has a 2 month old baby thanks to his lift''em & spread''em girlfriend who still needed to finish HIGH SCHOOL. Big shocker to to my son & the relax of us but we embraced it with the feeling that a baby is a blessing. Mommy''s family had no such feelings. Then my 19 year old daughter who has panic attacks & tries to self medicate. My kids do nothing around this home to help. I''m at my wits ends & don''t know where to turn. Oh, then there has been the past 8 long, long years of this past administration that has virtually clip down the middle class to close poverty in our case with rising medical, prescriptions are something to behold in a household that has some 13 plus scripts to fill each month. Then we every suffer the rising prices food &gas & the list goes on. My mental health sucks too.

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im a full time student, so im staying on my mom''s insurance.. im 18... my babys dad doesnt have health insurance. does the baby go on my mom''s with me, or do i need to receive insurance for the baby by myself?

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Open Question: Has anyone taken Keflex (Cephalexin) in pregnancy?

I woke one day, had a normal wee, literally 5 mins later i needed to go again only to wee 2 drops and it was reddish (blood). It happened another 2 times and it stung too. My GP surgery told me to arrive in an do a urine sample, which I did, and the nurse at the surgery checked and said I had a UTI & prescribed Keflex-500mg, 1 tablet 3 times a day for 5 days.As I was 14wks pregnant, thought I''d better take them.6 days later I phoned surgery again to look what the lab found in the tests they did and the report came back that there are no cultures gift in the urine at every!! the nurse at surgery must''ve assumed UTI as there was little blood in it. So that means I took Keflex for NO APPARENT reason!! Im mad. my question - have any mums out there had a healthy baby since taking Keflex in pregnancy? Have you noticed any particular ''defects'' or health problems in baby?? I feel like I have poisoned baby in womb! every because the surgery used a ''dipstick'' in my wee before sending to lab.

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My husband is intenational student, of course, I am the following spouse. The F2 insurance is expensive, I owuld like to know what nice of insurance is fit to F2, I do not consider to have baby only for my health. Can I buy travel insurance instead. Please tell me how to do if you know, I will very appreciate.

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Ok I''m pregnant with my 1st baby and I receive sooo exhausted so easily and it doesn''t help that im pregnant, have health problems, asthma, and ankle problems. I hate having a messy home I will go insane if it is a pig pen. My husband helps out a little bit when he can but we live by the rule that if he is working i stay home & clean but because i''m pregnant he helps a little bit. Its sooo exhausting I need ways to motivate myself to receive this done. Thanks Rebekah

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Resolved Question: purposeful miscarriage?

My girlfriend is preggo, and she wants to have an abortion. Obviously the fact that she is considering an abortion may guide you to conclude this is a bad time to have a baby for us. Financial issues are the root of the problem. She has been toying with the idea of trying to cause a miscarriage because it''s cheaper ($450) , and I''ve warned her that I can''t think of anything that would cause one and not be dangerous for her health. Still, I promised I would ask, so does anyone out there know of any ways in which one could cause an abortion on purpose? Even if it''s dangerous, I nice of want a really dangerous example so I can convince her of how stupid it is to try. Or even safe ones, cuz I''m nice of interested in that too. Thanks in advance. Spare me your position on the moral aspects of abortions, I understand if you don''t agree with them, but that is not a part of the question. And please don''t tell me having the baby would be cheaper. For god''s sake. Medical bills. Duh. By the way, please read this every. Didn''t I say spare me your moral position on the subject? Look, I understand if you don''t agree, but I didn''t ask, and like 12 of you are telling me to have an adoption or that I''m a terrible person. Didn''t I say i was just asking and I thought this was a bad idea in the first place? Didn''t I say that? Well I''ll say it now, I KNOW it''s a bad idea, but that''s not part of the question. If you do not have a direct answer to this question, please avoid answering. Seriously.

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The reason I am asking this in the adoption section, is that I want other adoptees opinions on sperm banks. I am leery about them because I think that some of these kids will eventually want to meet their biological fathers just like many adoptees do, but these biological fathers could have as many as ten babies out there... sometimes more, and they are even less likely to want to be found than many biological parents in the case of adoption. Do you think there should be rules about "open sperm banks", especially concerning health information? AKA even if the biological dad can remain confidential, he will have to provide updated health information that can be relayed to the mom and child?

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OK so here''s the thing I am 19 yrs old and 4''11 yes you read that correctly 4''11. This is due to a pretty severe curve of my spine. I have back problems and an undiagnosed pain in my leg and ankle that prevents me from exercising regularly. When I walk a lot, ex. just around the mall, my ankle swells and I am in a lot of pain. I have been told that there is fluid in my ankle but not much I can do about it. I am not being a baby here so please no rude comments I just want to give you as much info as possible. Now here''s the thing, I used to dance in show choir and that kept me fairly fit, but now that I keep having problems thats no longer an option(I had to switch to homeschooling because I couldnt make it through a school day) The problem is I''ve gained a bit of weight. I used to weigh a good 110 curvey but healthy. I now weigh 132. I know I''m not obese but I am heavier than I would like and I don''t feel healthy. so medically what can I do to make excercising less painful? I need some gentle exercises that will help me be healthier weight wise without compromising my current conditions. Btw I am trying to eat healthier and encouraging my family to do so, also cutting portions. Water is the difficult part I drink a lot of tea but I have clip on the sugar. Please I am trying to receive healthier, not whining or begging for pity, every help will be greatly appreciated especially from physical trainers and doctor''s familiar with scoliosis, spinabifida, and nerve problems Thanks guys! No not gout he mentioned something like arthritis, at the time it wasn''t his main concern as I had a serious staph infection in the bone. My foot/ leg is similar to that of a diabetic I have no feeling in it from the knee down. So far I''ve had four toe amputaions which also causes issues with proper exercise Yes I posted this below diet and fitness just looking for more specific answers and/or websites Ah yes the pool lol Due to the lack of sensation in my leg I never learned to swim properly( by kicking my legs) so other forms of exercise would be greatly appreciated as drowning certainly will not be beneficial to my health lol

Open Question: Are American men unsure of their masculinity?

Look @ the relax of the world - briefs are the prominent piece of underwear worn by males. Here in the US once a guy reaches High School he switches to boxers (if his parents haven''t done this for him already). Why? needy little coward is afraid to be teased by his peers for not conforming to the set standard by the Fashion Industry. Why do the other guys tease, because they are insecure of their masculinity and the teasing makes them feel masculine. The same goes for clip guys teasing uncut guys. Then they blurt out excuses to feel they are in the right. Briefs reduce sperm count - wrong as CNN says in "Boxers or briefs: Myths and facts about men''s infertility" ( ). Women prefer them. Since most of the men in the world wear briefs and are having sex and making babies this statement is untrue. It might be better to say " A minority of females prefer boxers". I have yet to hear of briefs being the end of a relationship. There are more guys that just blurt out "they are more comfortable". I think that guys just say that as another excuse to hide the fact that the only reason they wear boxers is to fit in, conform, and feel accepted by a bunch of cowards who have to tease others just to feel better themselves. Just like thongs (butt floss) are uncomfortable to girls, they just wear it to conform. So why do you think guys in the US wear boxers?

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My DD is nearly 6 months and has already been on solids for 2 months at the health nurses recommendation. I have not dropped any feeds yet and only top her up with solids after a feed rather than before or in the middle of a feed. She is breastfed if that makes any difference. Just wondering when you started reducing the volume/number of feeds. When did you take away a full feed and when was your baby no longer taking breast milk or formula. I''m not sure that I want to continue breastfeeding when my daughter no longer needs it for nutrition and want to know at what age I can cease breastfeeding without having to give formula... would it be 12 months when she can have cow''s milk? And it''s obviously not just a sudden switch to cow''s milk... how do I go about reducing the number of feeds up until that time wish every that makes sense ANy useful info would be great

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my 14 week u/s showed the membranes not completly fused...which is a sign of miscarrige in progress-or just taking its time fusing to the wall..anyone else had this?did it correct itself? if it didnt, did it make a difference in your pregnancy? did it make a difference on your baby(s) health ect? please dont answer if you dont know what im takling about! thanks

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Since iv moved home i just keep washing meself (i mean red raw). I wash my hands about every second of the day even if i haven''t touched anything. i scrub them and i mean scrub its doing my headin and i just cant seem to cease. iv been to the doctors and he called me a health freak and now i think i need to do more iv even started scrubbing my body im sore and nobody will help me how can i receive my self out of doin this its really putting pressure on my relationship iv been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years but now im scared off losing him i just need some advice and help if you will give me it my doctor is a dick and its doing my head in and now im expectin my first baby. im only 18 and iv bin like this for 2 years. ANY ADVICE!! PLEASE HELP ME!!

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ok so My BF and I wanna receive married and the only thing stoping us is health insurance. He has his possess with him and the baby on it and i still have it from my dad and can stay on my dads till im 24 aslong as im a full time student. I dont wanna leave my dad cause its great coverage. If we go receive married do i have to change my lastname and tell the insurance company, if i do have to tell them will they clip coverage? we cant afford for me to go onto his insurace also...

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Open Question: my boyfriend the baby''s father wont marry me...? stressed, sad, with newborn?

I have a beautiful 2-week-old daughter, the problem is everything else: my health insurance expires aug 1st, so does my dental, and my dad is ALWAYS harping one about these facts which reminding me of them only makes them worse, and THEN he always bugs me about when me and my bf will receive married. now I would like to marry my bf but HE doesnt exactly "believe" in marriage and yes the pregnancy was unplanned but my child is still as valuable as any1 else''s. how can I receive ery1 off my back abotu reminding me of things I already know? and then also my bf who says UNLESS I dont qualify for edical which I ve applied for and am waiting to hear from, then hell "figure something out" which I am hoping means marriage. BUT how do I deal with every this and be able to focus on my newborn? and can I confront my dad nicely and tell him to cease reminding me of stressful things I already know bc I already have enough to stress about anyway? my boyfriend is covering our daughter''s insurance through his job, I just dont have health insurance. but if he loses his job which he keeps talking about quitting, then so go her benefits too.

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I am in my last month of pregnancy. I am going to be quite busy and exhausted for at least the first month that the baby arrives and cooking will be the last thing I want to do. I wanted to have some home cooked things pre-made in the freezer and ready to reheat for convenience. I really want to stay away from ordering in so much. That gets expensive and is not very healthy. I''m not a health nut, I just want to stay reasonable. Your suggestions and any recipes you may have would be a GREAT help! Thanks!!

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My boyfriend is 52,he is not thin nor fat.He takes vitamins and is in good health.We have more tha 2 years trying to have a baby but we haven''t achieved our dream yet. The doctor told me that I not infertile.So I don''t understand why we don''t have a baby.What do you advice me to do.

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Open Question: I took the plan-b pill but now my husband and i decided to have a baby. How long should i wait to try 4 baby?

My husband and i had a scare and thought i was pregnant. Well i went to the Health Department to take a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I still havent had a period for the month of july. They said bc it came back negative that does not mean im not pregnant. How long should i wait for the plan b to receive out of my system to try to have another baby? What web site should i go to, to find out more about the morning after pill?

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Open Question: Are most American men unsure of their masculinity?

Look @ the relax of the world - briefs are the prominent piece of underwear worn by males. Here in the US once a guy reaches High School he switches to boxers (if his parents haven''t done this for him already). Why? needy little coward is afraid to be teased by his peers for not conforming to the set standard by the Fashion Industry. Why do the other guys tease, because they are insecure of their masculinity and the teasing makes them feel masculine. The same goes for clip guys teasing uncut guys. Then they blurt out excuses to feel they are in the right. Briefs reduce sperm count - wrong as CNN says in "Boxers or briefs: Myths and facts about men''s infertility" ( ). Women prefer them. Since most of the men in the world wear briefs and are having sex and making babies this statement is untrue. It might be better to say " A minority of females prefer boxers". I have yet to hear of briefs being the end of a relationship. There are more guys that just blurt out "they are more comfortable". I think that guys just say that as another excuse to hide the fact that the only reason they wear boxers is to fit in, conform, and feel accepted by a bunch of cowards who have to tease others just to feel better themselves. Just like thongs (butt floss) are uncomfortable to girls, they just wear it to conform. So why do you think guys in the US wear boxers?

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I recently bought a 2nd hand travel cot for my 8 mnth old baby. I have since found out that the people I bought it off (who were friends of friends) are smokers so I am now too worried to let my baby snooze in it. If they smoked close or around the tyravel cot, surely there would be 2nd hand smoke in the matress? Is this right? Is it a health riisk to let her snooze in it?

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i know stefanie mayer (i adore her she is my hero <33333 adore U STEF IF YOUR READING THIS!!!) said vampires cant have babies but what if they could? edward and bella are getting married so obviously they are going to hehehe you know DO IT hehehhe so if bella got pregnant how do u think she would find out?!! i think dat she would feel sick and receive cravings for eggs - cuz in my health class last yer my teacher said babies are eggs before they become little people - and then edward would be worried and call carlisle cuz hes a doctor ya kno? and carlisle would say "bella i think ur pregant" and edward would go "we have to go riht now" omg i wish i culd have edwards bayby

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Open Question: Any health profesionals? I need advice!!!?

Before baby it was very minor, only a problem when my nerves realy got bed, like when I left my ex. But very managable. During pregnancy every symptom disapeared. 2 months after baby...Everything got much worse. Symptoms: stomach aches, diarrea, abdominal cramps, loss of appetite for long periods of time, fatigue, icy sweats, severe nausea. Usually caused by nerves, but sometimes I receive that neryous feeling in my tummy for no reason at every! I take pepto from every day to every 3 days. This is ruining my life and keeping me from enjoying time with my son. It has never been this bad, I confront my bf''s ex for the first time so he could look his other kid and got so nervous I thought I was gonna pass out, very pale and icy sweats, we had to leave because of it. I didnt even talk to her! 1 year ago none of this would have been a problem. What is wrong with me? What can I do? I cant afford to look a doctor, last time they told me nothing was wrong!!!!! Also, during the worst times of this I can eat a tiny amount and like 8 hours later will still feel as though I have over stuffed myself, I am down to 100 lbs because of this. I eat 2 hours before I go to bad and still in the morning the food is not digested, but takes a few more hours. I should also add that caffeine and nicotine magnify these symptoms. Would adore to go to a free clinic, but they do not take the time to hear, are usually doctors that are overworked or ones who no one else will hire and are never actually free. Also, the soonest appointment is 2 months out.

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Resolved Question: not knowing your pregnant.?

How do you not know your pregnant untill you give birth? How common is this? I am watching discovery health channel Life in the Er and a women came in with back and stomach pain. She didn''t know she was pregnant until one of the nurses saw the baby crowning. The birth took every of 5 mins.. and she said she never felt the baby and had no symptoms.. and she was pregnant twice befor and it was nothing like those. and she was also on the depo shot for a year and throught the pregnancy.. hmm Thoughts? Yes she was over weight.. I wonder is its more common to happen it the obese? Baby i was on deppo for 2 years and never once did they give me a pregnancy test unless i asked Van! she didnt think she was pregnant.. she gave birth no knowing.. how would she receive an ultra sound for a baby that is already here umm size 8 is not obese! no offence but i really cant look a smaller women not noticing a baby growing inside you.. but i can look a larger women maybe not noticing.

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Open Question: transvestite bisexual man...cant move on?

i was with him for 10 years and after 5 we had a baby...we took a lot of coke before the baby and he would like to dress up and talk about gay sex,so would i!!!(girls)...when i was together it would really scare me that he would run off with a man and put my health at risk so eventulluy i left him as i knew my talk was just fantasy...7 years later none of us has met anyone else and i look him most weekends because of our daughter sometimes i let him stay,we watch telly have a few drinks,he does things in my garden and once a year we go on holiday....i just dont know if i will ever receive over him and he says the same of me but i know he''s paid for sex with men and women...though he says its done his head head is so mashed up because when i look at him i know i still adore him..i mean why haven''t i met anyone else why hasn''t he?please would someone give me some advice on what to do..we dont do drugs anymore either... he says he is still in adore with me and him paying for sex was a few yrs ago when his head was really fkd up,and he regrets it.

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Ok, so i''m trying to eat A LOT healthier than I was before by cooking my possess food, and trying to like it. I''ve been doing a lot of sauteing on the stove, and a lot of my meals have been similar to this: This is a meal for one: Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, and Terryacki sauce in the pan. ***One boneless, skinless Chicken Breast ***Half a Zuckini, half a yellow Squash (look the same ones green, ones yellow, lol) ***Half an onion ***about a pepper and a half, mix of yellow, red, and orange ***2 smaller tomatoes ***Baby Carrots *** one Tomatoe Is this healthy?? Will this help towards losing weight, with excersize? Am I over eating? What do you have to say, lol... just give me your opinions on it..... Yea, I know the proportion was huge... I just kinda winged it, and that''s about what I had in there. I''ll clip that in half next time. Any recommendations for other vegitables I could add to the mix?!?

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Okay, my husband and I are planning to have a baby and I''m going to be staying in our apartment alone for most of the year he''s gone. If something goes wrong health wise (I have to be on bedrest, the doctors say I''m high risk, or the baby is very premature, ect) is there a chance they could send him home?

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I am a few days away from being 22 weeks pregnant. with this pregnancy ive had 5 uti''s. (never had one before I became pregnant) also at my last office visit, they found a trace amount of blood in my urine as well as protein. --the week before that I had keytones and had to be in the hospital for a few hours. I had the 1 hr fasting for diabetes and it came back that I had a blood sugar level of 287 which they said was way too high. ( I am going tomorrow for the 3 hr test) they are almost certain I have gestational diabetes now though. I want my baby to be born healthy but with every these health problems I am having would it be reasonable to bring up early induction to my doctor next visit? When is induction done for medical reasons? What week is the safest ?

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Open Question: Is the black mold behind the sheetrock in the basement concerning?

I''m thinking of buying a home, and the closing date is coming up. I knew that the home had mold before, but I never thought that it was still there. I had a mold test done, and there were problem counts for aspergillus/ Penicillium spores. Then, we had the sellers clip up a piece of the sheet rock, and they found a chunk of "black" mold growing there and removed it. My wife started coughing when she went down. Since i have a baby in the home and my wife was coughing, i am considering whether or not to buy the home Is the mold a huge issue and health concern? My question is if i were to sell the home someday, would the mold scare you, a potential buyer, off or make you give me an extremely low offer? -The home has a dehumidifier, but the owner never turns it on because of the noisy noise. The owners aren''t telling us the whole truth because they said there was never any water damage, but different sections of the whole wall had mold on it. -The home was built in 1981 -The home was professionally remediated TWICE, but it came back twice on the same wall in a different location every time within weeks. Every time, the company gave us a different reason for the problem, but it always came back with a new reason. -The basement is rather big and fully finished beautifully, so it would cost quite a lot to have it redone.

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This article says that the number of women worldwide who are having c-sections is increasing at an alarming rate. About 40% of women have them in China, and 30% in the United States. Why? Are doctors pushing c-sections because they fit more easily into their schedules? Or do women really want them? I''m due with my first baby in just a couple months so I''m really interested in this trend and wondering if the doctor is always right or if I should make sure and talk up for myself in the delivery room.

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Hi, I just bought two baby hand fed lovebirds. They are peachfaced and whitefaced. They are only eating seeds, no pellets or fruits/veggies. They rarely drink water. every they do is stand around and do nothing. They are not active. There are perches, toys, and chew sticks in their cage but they don''t touch anything. They scratch and bite their possess feathers. They huddle together and do nothing. If we try to pet them they run away and flutter a lot. They try to bite us when we hold them. We are really gentle with them, and we talk in normal, pleasant voices. I''m really scared for their health. I want them to be glad and be good, healthy, friendly, active pets. Are they sick? Should I return them? What should I do to change their behavior? Why are they acting like this? I understand they''re scared because they''re new, but they should at least explore a bit. But they are very idle. We are not bothering them or scaring them in any way. Please help me out!!! Thank you!

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Hubby and I have been TTC our first child for 2.5 years. I''ve been at my job for 7 years and I have enough sick and vacation time saved up to be able to fully pay for a 12 week maternity leave when that time comes (sigh, IF it ever happens!). The thing is, I''m in the mental health field, and my job is VERY mentally stressful, and it''s taking a horrible toll on me. I found another job I''m interested in. I''ll probably have less stress, work less hours, and make more money. The problem is, if I switch jobs, I''ll have to work there for one year before I can be eligible for the 12 maternity leave (below the FMLA law). So, that means I''ll have to put TTC off for one year. I desperately want a baby and it''s been so difficult trying for 2.5 years. I don''t know if I can wait. But then on the other hand, we''ve been trying for so long, what''s another year? And who''s to say it''ll even happen in a year? Sigh I don''t know what to do! What would you do? Any advice welcome!

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Open Question: i mastrubates daily is there any problem in that will it affect my marriage life in future?

i do regularly mastrubate daily without fail as this has become an habit for me i am not able to cease it , i know it is shame to ask this type of question but i wanted to know will it affect to my health or will i decrease the power to produce a baby or will i not able satisfy my future wife please try to give right answer i dont need a rubish answer , i am not joking its serious i want to know

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Open Question: What shoul I do to make my baby Sulcata turtle eat??? PLEASE HELP!!!!! I''m very worried about It''s health!!!!!


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Open Question: am i being a baby? my boyfriend always makes fun of me?

I have a 2 week old daughter with this guy and I adore her, me and him have dated for 2 yrs and have lived together since then. but he always imitates me in this really raspy unattractive voice like i talk that way, and it''s really bugging me. I know I have a newborn and shouldn''t let it receive to me but it does. he anyways does this to me whenever I''m in a good mood. the other day I was telling him something cute our daughter did and he started imitating me. he also makes fun of my teeth and says they''re bucked and like horse teeth. he KNOWS how much this hurts my feelings, but he does it anyway. why is he so immature? I sometimes feel like I hate him bc of it and wish I could just take our daughter and go somewhere else like my parents'' but that''s not practical plus she''s on his health insurance and every her things and my things are here etc but I really cant stand being mocked anymore. am I being a baby about it, or am I normal to be this upset over how I''m being treated? I have talked to him about it but he still does it! should I really break up with him and make my baby have separated parents just bc of this?

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Death of a MobStaar What up! I’ve never been able to stand when something seems to have a grip on mee. Any nice of addiction. pfff.. Mobsters, Mafia Wars, Heroes.. was fun while it lasted but the Novelty has worn off. I think I started like 23 days ago... on three pages.. Its been totally contradicting to what I stand for for one. which I clearly knew but whatever its just a game. I’ve done fabulous I must say but... now its ridiculous. It don’t matter if you’ve hardly ever lost... if you have below 30 people or below a hundred for that matter.. You’ll receive sick of it real soon. I tried for days to figure out how to add people without adding them to my personal pages.. Who wants to just add people for that?? I am not a people collector! I tell my 4 yr old nephew every the reasons why gangsters aren’t chilly. because he thinks he is one.. with a few older brothers who think its real chilly.. I try to tell him.. there is only two ways out of that game! because no one quits (talking real life) with three possible endings.. You go to jail. or you receive shot/ die or your friends receive shot/ or die. period. there is no oh I made enough money.. im done.. there is no oh I got busted a couple times im done. there just is no out. and who really wants kids growing up trying to control, boss, rob, etc... everyone.. I think people should always be encouraged to do creative type things .. not to be saying oh mine is better... etc.. So he knows where I stand... but when I had him this last week..I’m saying, “In One Second Baby.. I Just Gotta bank my money. Ha. That’s actually not where my apifany started a half hour ago.. 23 days in and I’ve been spending way too much time "banking" my fake dough & blowing shit up.. (it is a good distraction though for people going thru difficult times.. breakups whatever to release stress to no faces temporarily) but really time flies and I’ve been on too many hours a day, doing jobs & icing people.. ha. My point is is that anything whether an addictive feeling/ emotion or an actual substance.. I’ve been able to quit icy turkey because id realize it had control of mee and that is just ridiculous. my mind is a lot stronger than that and nothing will dominate my consciousness. Drinking, gaming, whatever has taken away quality time from people, pets, & projects I adore. there is no regret. it was fun I don’t deny. regret, hate, power hungriness really truly leaks your authentic self. it does. im sure some will be in denial (not just over the game) but feeding time into any bad emotion like hate, jealousy, regret, fear... never manifests into anything. because these things do not exist. every that exists between people is adore. Truly. that is why that is the only thing that manifests into something real. I learned that in thoughts from the seat of your soul by Gary Zukav.. Im a huge believer in the movie "what the bleep` down the rabbit hole". it goes into how people are addicted to their emotions which give off chemical charges similar to drugs. then our electrical charges form long lasting relationships with other charges, nerves, & receptors forming people to be stuck in patterns. like being a victim every your life. or other things.. For example .. a break up.. boy and girl scream at each other for the last time.. both say Its Done! and it is for a second til the phone doesn’t ring and the people are actually withdrawing from anger. the chemicals it produces will make someone pick up the phone without thinking about it. For every things like that .. you need to be rewired. you need a totally new agenda. the movie goes farther to tell you that people in general want the big four answers answered for them. WHO ARE WE? WHAT ARE WE? WHERE DID WE arrive FROM? & WHERE ARE WE GOING? Most people Do just want to be told the information when Really these are very personal and important questions we should be asking ourselves. Very true the movie speaks of how We as People repeat what feels the best to us or gives us the best feeling over and over. this is what most live for. Like an average man.. what he has known to bring him the best feelings are what he is living for... Man comes home to wife and kids after a difficult days work to a decent meal with the family, a couple beers, his favorite tv shows, maybe a joint.. and on the weekend he goes bowling or camping. He repeats this and repeats this. It’s his reason for living. WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE RECYCLING THE SAME HAND FULL OF EMOTIONS WE ALREADY KNOW. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MAKING NEW EXPERIENCES HAPPEN AND EXPERIENCING NEW EMOTIONS EVERYDAY. For real. Life Is a Much Bigger Picture than the emotions that run our lives. We are made this way for procreation purposes. I firmly believe we came here with a karmic theme which we studied difficult for on the Other Side which is actually home. Our eternal souls live over there and research and prepare to arrive here to learn more as a process. the process is the art of perfecting your soul. Yes perfection is close impossible.. Our souls evolution is what counts. Our time here compares to a blink of an eye compared to our lifetime on the Other Side. Did you arrive here and receive the knowledge and the lessons you came here to receive?.. Most of us have not yet. Once you do. once you receive this theme. there is a major and a minor theme and a path to take to achieve it. when you receive it THAT IS THE TIME WHEN every DOORS WILL OPEN AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DREAMED OF WILL arrive TRUE. Until then our spirit guides and the universe toss major curve balls at us to let us know we are Off Course. My theme is Humility.. the act of being humble. which conflicts with having a great esteem.. well at first.. I’ve been the dying horse being kicked til my eyeballs want to pop out and then thrown away and kicked some more. I’ve had a lot of things happen to mee that I did not deserve. but I hold no grudge. I hold no regret. I forgive and adore. and I heal, grow, and evolve. I am truly amazed at what a positive person i am given every my givens. believe mee you couldn’t start to guess. which most people are given difficult lives because that is what we chose. before we arrive here. we are eager and feel truly blessed to be able to take on every heartache, every hardship, every ailment, etc.. in order for us to learn and our souls to progress. No Matter how much you have been wronged or what an awful life, family, jobs, etc... YOU ARE NEVER DEALT ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN NOT HANDLE. There are lessons everywhere. beauty in the most mundane trivial things. like your life. live in the now. Don’t leak your true authentic power into the past or the future.. you are wasting it. Don’t waste it worrying. 90% of what you worry about never happens. Don’t waste it being controlled, manipulated, feeling jealous, mad, resentful, living in fear.. Don’t waste it. The more adore you give the more you receive back. The more negative you give the more you receive back. People In Relationships: Yelling at the other, or any form of being mad ONLY brings the negative or anger out of the other person. you can not receive mad at someone and not have them give the same feelings back. wake up to that. screaming and hitting each other or kids only teaches them that this is the correct way to live.. if someone acts bad yell or beat them. no. people. constructive criticism and positive redirecting + communication is key. let the person know exactly how you feel and recognize your emotions talk about them, write them down, whatever just release it. communicating w. loved ones and kids is priceless.. and if you have a difficult time with it. it is ok. it is a process. recognize an issue and practice it. it every takes time. but will never be corrected if you don’t start somewhere. encourage others to share their feelings.. Don’t call others names. that is just bogus and starts a bad habit that is extremely difficult to break. no calling of stupid. no racial slurs. no bigots. that is bogus. There is only one judge and that is not you. WE ARE every CONNECTED. at the bottom most part of our being we are every connected. its called the collective consciousness and this is also true. great explanations again in the movie "what the bleep down the rabbit hole" which asks the top physics, engineers, religious scholars, mystics/ psychics, the four big questions. WHO ARE WE? WHAT ARE WE? WHERE DID WE arrive FROM? & WHERE ARE WE GOING? Instead of people being stupid, or other sick words.. rather they are just not enlightened. I have adore for you every. and only wish you perfect health, perfect wealth, & absolute happiness. & because I am real when I say this. It will arrive back to mee. :))) Backtracking to us knowing why we came here.. we wrote people into our lives that have been with us playing different parts in many of our last lifetimes. A Lot of time it does not make sense why say Your Long Time Best pal every of a sudden flakes out w. out reason. It will hurt. But they were here to tutor us lessons. & Sometimes People Have to Break Associations In Order To GROW. it wont hurt any less. but if you realize this that is the first step into moving forward. some people will spend their whole lives never learning when to walk away when that may be the very thing they need to do for their soul to progress. so yeah .. We arrive with a plan! But Due to the Extremely Painful Process of Being Born & in contribution with Our Uncounted on EGO. WE FORGET. If you never figure it out. You Do Not Lose. if you live and you die without the act of suicide .. you win. but you will be back here in your next lifetime at a time that you decide to arrive back.. you will have the same life theme and live very similar lifetimes until you receive it. Even when the universe or the council is satisfied. Sometimes we are not satisfied and we arrive back to do the same thing because we don’t feel we got the most out of the lesson. Handicap People, Ethnic People, People w. Mental Problems.. Have the Most Developed Souls. As you may feel jipped out of life for your color, your sex, your disabilities.. I am here to tell you that you have chose this lifetime to have this difficult life and trials because you are more evolved. It takes a strong soul to pick these lifetimes that take more courage than most people can even comprehend. so seriously don’t acted bothered by a challenged person or family member you know. They are teaching you your most important lessons. Lessons of Patience. Lessons of adore & Healing. Feel Blessed no matter who you are because you are blessed. You are blessed to be alive. You are blessed to be living in this time. You are blessed even if you live in a cardboard box with one eye and a three legged dog. You are Blessed and there will always be a way. If you pick to give up, to die inside or otherwise... there is an internal issue Not and External Issue. Ask For Help. There are many people who are here and eager to do that. You think there are no answers .. fricken Google it. Don’t know how to use a computer.. Ask Somebody for help. They Deny it .. ASK ANOTHER. Life is not about who wins the most toys. LIFE IS ABOUT GIVING adore, HELP, & RESPECT. You Will Receive Justly In Return. It Is NOT About I did this and this for you and you’ve done nothing for me. Give, adore, & Respect. adore and Give Unconditionally. It will arrive back. This is the way. It is not an aspect to dwell on.. There is so much more to life than meets the eye. To Think You know Everything.. Shows you know the Least. To Not Think There are Non-Physical Teachers & Spirits Is tiny Minded. To Believe We Are the Only Things Living In the Entire Galaxy Is tiny Minded & Actually Quite Ridiculous. To Believe That You Are Better Than Others Is Completely WRONG. Fear, Hate, & Regret not only stunts your soul growth.. It literally barricades you in a fog from hearing or picking up on messages from your Spirit Guide / Guides & From your past on loved ones of this life and every of the past lifetimes.. They are always trying to give you a signal.. You will never know if you harbor those feelings, or dwell in addictions. This Got Pretty Deep for a bulletin stating Im done mobbing deep.. I only Mob Deep to hang w. my peeps in real life now. It was fun while it lasted, but not close as fun as what sick have doing creative things, or playing board games sharing intelligent mind-provoking conversations. The Game lost the strategical aspects of it.. there is no challenge.. what the challenge there? to collect people you don’t care to conversate with or receive to know? ppfffff.. it got enough of my time.. its been years but pogo is more fun than that. i like to make people feel good, not robbed, or beat up. :))) I WOULD NEVER CAST JUDGEMENT ON YOU FOR PLAYING, STAYING, STARTING... THAT IS NOT MEE. I WOULD NEVER CAST JUDGEMENT ON YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU LIKE, WHERE YOU CAME FROM OR WHERE YOU ARE GOING. IM INTRIGUED WITH every WALKS OF LIFE. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE. I’VE ALWAYS BEEN IMPRESSED WITH PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHO THEY REALLY ARE BECAUSE I DIDN’T UNTIL MY 30''S. I HAVE NO LESS RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE THAT DON’T KNOW BUT WATCH EAGERLY AS THEY FIGURE IT OUT. :))) ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO BE WHO THEY ARE. ARE YOU IN adore?.. IF So; DO YOU REALLY KNOW THAT BEING IN adore IS NOT BEING JEALOUS? adore IS NOT ABOUT KNOWING WHERE YOUR LOVED ONE IS AND IS DOING EVERY MINUTE. adore IS NOT JEALOUS. WANT MEE TO TELL YOU WHAT adore IS ABOUT?? CAUSE I GOT YOU. RIGHT HERE. "adore IS ABOUT GIVING THE SPACE NEEDED FOR YOUR LOVED ONE TO DEVELOP INTO WHO THEY REALLY ARE” ~ WHICH MAY NOT BE WHO YOU FIRST MET AND REALLY MOST LIKELY ISN’T. THE ONLY THING THAT NEVER CHANGES IS THE FACT THAT CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT .. CHANGE IS A COMING. NOTHING STAYS THE SAME AND QUITE FARTHER ISN’T MEANT TO. adore IS ABOUT LOVING THE OTHER THE WAY THEY ARE. adore IS ABOUT BEING glad THAT YOUR LOVED ONE IS glad. adore IS ABOUT WANTING THE OTHER TO BE WHO THEY REALLY ARE AND TO PURSUE DIFFERENT THINGS (NOT PEOPLE) THAT THEY MAY DESIRE TO LEARN OR TAKE PART IN. adore IS ABOUT BEING glad YOUR MAN HAS A LONG TIME BEST pal THAT MAY BE A GIRL OR VICE VERSA.. adore IS ABOUT BEING glad THAT THE OTHER HAS BEEN BLESSED TO HAVE A GREAT FRIENDSHIP PERIOD. adore IS ABOUT TRUSTING. YES WE’VE every BEEN SCREWED. YES IT MAY HAPPEN AGAIN.. BUT IF YOU close YOURSELF OFF EMOTIONALLY THAT IS THE FIRST PLACE TRUE PROBLEMS DEVELOP. WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE HERMITS. WE ARE MEANT TO INTERACT WITH OTHER MAN nice.. BECAUSE WE ARE every HERE WORKING ON THE SAME THING THE SAME GOAL. WE every HAVE DIFFERENT LIFE THEMES AND DIFFERENT GIFTS, DIFFERENT PATHS TO TAKE, BUT OVERALL WE ARE every HERE WORKING ON A COMMON GOAL. adore IS ABOUT APPRECIATING THE BEAUTY IN THE OTHER WANTING TO DEVELOP OR LEARN.. DEFINITELY NOT ABOUT RESENTING A HUSBAND / WIFE FOR WANTING TO LEARN NEW THINGS.. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE PERSON ISN’T SATISFIED WITH YOU. IT MEANS THAT THERE IS MORE HERE FOR THE PERSON TO LEARN. (my pal Weerd told mee this) Life is like a puzzle. The Middle piece is adore. The Logical way to do a puzzle is to build the borders first and work in towards the middle. Most People toss the Middle Piece Down First (adore) and try to build the puzzle outward. They receive married.. have kids... years pass and really one may realize they want to be an astronaut and the other a marine biologist.. going in two very different directions.. but instead of communicating .. they feel resentment .. like one is holding the other back.. creating a very less than healthy living environment for them and the kids. gosh I thought I was done. one last thought. and a very important one.. maybe the mom of every others.. this comes from many forms of therapy. I’ve seen a variety of programs. some I’ve been to to just be there for others who had to go to counseling or group type therapy. some I have chosen.. it is healthy to pick therapy even therapists have therapists.. some I’ve been served unjustly.. which I’ve realized in the later circumstances that I was there for others to talk to .. so I could help them.. but bottom line I’ve seen enough therapy and have listened to almost every nice of issues, addictions, and every other nice of problem imaginable to look that THE ROOT OF THE MAJORITY OF ISSUES ARE THAT YOU (or them) DO NOT adore YOURSELF ENOUGH. maybe you think you do. you do not ENOUGH. maybe you think it’s the abusive others fault. YOU DO NOT adore YOURSELF ENOUGH. you would never hurt a fly but stay in an abusive (physical or mental) YOU DO NOT adore YOURSELF ENOUGH. Do You adore yourself enough to take the best advice you would give to your best pal that was in that same situation. what would you say to that pal.. you would say DON’T LET "THEM" TREAT MY pal THAT WAY!. you would.. yet you wouldn’t hold the same terms for yourself. YOU DO NOT adore YOURSELF ENOUGH. IMPORTANT: BE YOUR possess BEST pal. YOU DESERVE THE FRIENDSHIP THAT YOU KNOW YOU GIVE TO OTHERS. adore YOURSELF. BE COMFORTABLE TO HAVE A V.I.P. DANCE PARTY WHERE ONLY YOU ARE INVITED. LOCK THE DOOR. TURN THE MUSIC UP AND DANCE. NOPE YOU CANT arrive OVER RIGHT NOW.. IM HANGING W. MYSELF AND I AM COMFORTABLE AND HAVING FUN BECAUSE I AM FUN. Forgive others & equally importantly FORGIVE YOURSELF. FORGIVE YOURSELF FOR ALLOWING YOURSELF TO GO THRU WHAT YOU HAVE. FORGIVE YOURSELF FOR STAYING.. FOR DENYING CHANGE.. FOR WHATEVER REASON FORGIVE YOURSELF. If you can write a letter to yourself (then to others you have a lot to say to) Read it out noisy. then rip it up burn it bury it flush it .. what ever.. it is at least three huge releases from your mind down your arm thru your fingers thru the pen to the paper.. one huge release. reading out noisy . two big releases. burning or ripping .. three big releases. bury or flush 4 huge much needed releases.. IT WILL GIVE WAY FOR NEW IDEAS TO arrive INTO YOUR HEAD. YOU ARE WORTH THE TIME. YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT. YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFECT. second last thought.. tutor OTHERS WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED. hear TO THEM EVEN IF THEY REPEAT THE SAME STORIES OR ITS BORING OR STRESSFUL. THEY NEED YOU TO hear. LISTEN WITHOUT JUDGING ANOTHER LESSON WE every MUST receive IS TO LEARN TO HATE THE ACTION WITHOUT HATING THE PERSON. third and this is it ya''ll... Live More by Living with Less!!! :))) smiles every day & gobs of adore to my friends, acquaintances, & to you who I do not personally know. I wish you nothing but happiness. im going to receive my nephew and we are going to have constructive fun!!! You wish to know the myspace instant add program download location here it is: I never did load it every the way and my computer got instant spyware warning alarms.. Download at your possess risk. Do not take your time away from your kids please. :)))

Open Question: My 17 year old daughter just informed me she is pregnant and wants to keep the baby...What do I do?

My daughter has had an on again off again relationship with a person who is 5 years older than her and was her previous manager at work. My husband and I absolutely disapproved of this relationship and asked him to stay away from her. I would look his name pop up every now and then, threaten him and he would go away. Now I find out she''s pregnant. She doesn''t believe in abortion, and they want to keep this baby. She lives at home, she''s going to be a senior in highschool, and just started a modeling career. He also lives at home and just began his firefighting career. She won''t be covered below our health insurance, and doesn''t qualify for medicaid because of our income. The only way to receive health coverage is if they receive married, which makes me sick and his parents won''t allow. To make matters worse, my husband is a police officer and works on the same jobs as this kid...the stress is blowing up. I don''t know how I can make it any clearer, a baby is not the answer. Suggestions? The pregnancy isn''t covered below our health insurance, she is only covered for regular illnesses, etc. She doesn''t qualify for medicaid because our income is taken into account and we make too much money. Our planned parenthoods don''t offer prenatal care. He can''t be arrested, he''s below 24, she''s over 16 and we wouldn''t do that at this point anyway..that added stress isn''t going to help anything. My husband and I were teen parents, and we struggled, but succeeded. We called 3 family meetings with his parents. Yes he is 22, but if there is a baby coming, it needs to arrive into a loving family, not one torn up by resentment. We do feel he is too old for her, and they are too young period. I''m not pushing my views on her. I told her I would support her either way. However, we did make them do alot of research on costs, etc. put it on paper and look at it in black and white before they made their decision. Answer is: I''m going to be a grandmother on St. Patty''s Day.

ok, im not fat! thats to receive that cleared up, i play tennis, go swimming, and walk, cycle. wen i say tennis i meen nearly every day for 2-4 hours. i was sick a few years back, and for the health of my kidneys i have to loose wieght, im not fat i just have a little baby flab, im only 15, im curcy. i want to loose that and receive a six pack, how do i do it. and how long will it take, wat food do i eat, wat do i not eat, and wat do i do to receive the muscle i want? please help. ps. i have muscly arms due to tennis, and good legs, from cycleing, but my thighs r a litle poggy, help please

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my girlfriend and i had a baby 10 months ago, Nick. my girlfriend, Nina, passed away just a month and a half ago. i am 17 years of age. im not doing well in school or health and i only have my dad to help with nick, but my dad works and somedays i have to stay home from school to watch over nick when dad has a meeting or buisness plans. what should i do? im to the point of tears now. any advice helps a ton.

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