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 The world has so much evil and craziness these days that I try to say prayers daily. I pray that some  people  start to think about their thoughts and actions because changing those can make a big improvement in what’s going on in our world. I pray that we’ll end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because innocent people are dying everyday and for what?

 I pray  for a change in  our economic future. Car industries aren’t going to survive and more people are going to be losing their jobs. Jobs are going to other countries when we should be keeping them  here in America. Houses are foreclosed and people have nowhere to live. Some people live in their cars or at a relatives houses. People have no food to eat so they have to go to soup kitchens if they are near one or go hungry.

 Imagine if more people would pray for changes in this world what it could do. Give some positive vibes out into the universe and see what we get back. It’s doesn’t hurt to do that and it will make you feel like you’re making a difference in your own life and the lives of others. It only takes me five minutes to say some prayers and I feel like God is listening in, blessing me and helping me cope with the problems I have in this world. I pray more for worldly affairs lately than what will happen to me on a daily basis.

 Prayer helps me put my mind at ease when I’m having a really busy day and my mind is in 10 places at once. It helps too when I’m mad at a person when they cut me off in traffic. When I know a person isn’t going to give me a break and I just want to get to know them, my prayer helps me realize that it’s them that needs the prayers. Maybe they’re having a bad day also and they don’t know how to deal with it.

 This world is having a monetary collapse and it needs every one of us to believe that their prayers will help make it right. Send them out into the universe and see what comes back to us. I believe it will be a great change that we will see. So whenever you have a minute or two to spare just say a prayer or talk to God and ask Him to help us out here. We can sure use some help.

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